A Big Mum Thank You!!

A very special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that made this year’s Mum Festival such a huge success! This year’s festival was just a wonderful event, and one that will not be forgotten. Many thanks to our Mum Festival Chairs & Liaisons:

Jack Ferraro, Mum Festival Logistics & General Chairman

Jason Fields, Vice-Chair & Finance Director

Andrea Botto Adams, Vendor Relations Chair

Susan Berard, Bookkeeper & Purchasing Chair

Shannen Cianci, Vendor Layout & Design Chair

Donna Marie Dognin, Veterans Relations & Patriotism Chair

Beverly Foote, Car Show Chair

Mickey Goldwasser, Public Relations Chair

Harley Graime, Public Safety Chair

Brianna Longo, Miss Mum Chair

Joyce Ptak, Art & Hospitality Chair

Dave Rackliffe, Facilities Management Chair

Sue Radke, CERT Liaison

Maria Salice, Entertainment Chair and MC

Linda Salisbury, BINGO & Craft Fair Chair

Dianna Tack, Mum Festival Parade & Volunteer Chair

Karl Tack, Family Events Chair

Also, to our many Committee Members:

Janet & Tyrone Mellon, Sarah Sullivan, Debbie Schur, Joan & Peter Pelkey, Gary Paradis & Gary Paradis Jr., Electrical, Mark Blethen, our amazing sign guy!! and Marenna Family Amusements!

“In Loving Memory of Paul Berard and Jim Foote”, we so miss you, but know you are both with us in spirit always…

A huge shout out to our City Liaison, Harley Graime, who handled all our city needs throughout the festival! You rock!

To our CERTS, Police, Fire, Parks, Public Works, Building, Water, Health, and Emergency Management Departments and the Board of Education, we could not have done it without you!! To our awesome EMT’s, many thanks.

Special thanks to Mayor Jeffery Caggiano for his support and love of our Festival! Our Board of Finance for their unwavering support, understanding the importance of this great community event…❤️

As always, our wonderful Sponsors!! You make this event possible each year, ensuring the many happy faces in our community. Without you, we would not be able to put on the variety this festival offers!!

To all those who helped out that may not have been mentioned, we thank you!! To our community and visitors, see you all next year!! Mums the Word!

Jack Ferraro

General Chairman

Bristol Mum Festival

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