2020 Mum Festival Update


Reported by:  Mickey Goldwasser, Co-Chair for Mum Festival Marketing

Bristol, CT., June 10, 2020 – The Mum Festival has been Bristol’s fall marquee community-focused event for almost 60 years. The Bristol Exchange Club and the Mum Festival Committee, after careful and thoughtful consideration have decided to postpone the “Traditional Mum Festival” originally scheduled for Sept. 24th – 27th, 2020 until next year. Jack Ferraro, General Chairman of the Mum Festival noted, “Our goal however is to have a presence this year, and to help keep hope alive during this unprecedented time.”

While the Traditional Mum Festival which includes the carnival and parade has been postponed this year, for continuity sake, the 58th Mum Festival Committee is looking into ways to have a presence this year, such as working with the Mayor to move the Bristol Farmer’s Market to Hope Street and expanding that venue. A best-case scenario may include adding an Auto Show and some music. The Committee will be looking to announce these plans in July. The Mum Festival will also be rolling out some
“FUN-Raisers” over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!

“To be clear, we did not make this decision lightly, and our decisions were based on the facts as we know them today, uncertainty of the pandemic going forward, and because of the responsibility and genuine concern we feel for our community” said Ferraro, speaking on behalf of the committee. “ While we recognize that this postponement of the actual event as we have come to love may come as a disappointment to those that have enjoyed the Festival over the years, we have chosen this direction based on a number of factors including feedback from our local, state and federal government, our committee, past vendors and sponsors as well as on the actions that other Festivals throughout Connecticut and beyond have taken. The message is loud and clear…safety first. With this in mind and in consideration of our City’s finances, we have also asked the Board of Finance to please preserve our Grant for next year, relieving them of the financial obligation for this year. This was also announced at a recent City Board of Finance Meeting”.

“This festival is a large-scale event put on by community volunteers,” said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu. “We hope that people will support the scaled down event this September and I also hope that this will be an opportunity to attract new faces to help sustain this fall festival into the future. We greatly appreciate the Exchange Club returning the $35,000 to the City for this year’s budget, and we look forward to 2021.”
“We thank the community for their continued support and look forward to our traditional Mum Festival next year as we celebrate the Festival’s 59th year of operation” added Ferraro. “The 2021 Festival will be held downtown, and it promises to be a really special event filled with all the experiences the community has come to love over the years”.


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The Mum Festival & Parade is Produced by the
Exchange Club of Bristol CT INC., a Non-Profit 501-(c)3
The Mum Festival & Parade is a City of Bristol Sponsored Event

Sponsorship & General Inquiries
Jack Ferraro or Jason Fields
Festival General Chairman and Co-Chair
e: mumfestivalbristol@gmail.com

Communication Inquiries
Shannen Tack
Mickey Goldwasser
Marketing & Planning Co-Chairs
e: marketing.mumfestival@gmail.com

Bristol Exchange Club, Board of Directors
Karl Tack
Greater Bristol Exchange Club President
e: thebristolexchangeclub@gmail.com

The Bristol Mum Festival

Our Festival Grand Marshal for 2020: 

Profiles of Courage

We are humbled to announce that we will be honoring “Profiles of Courage” this year.
Our Grand Marshal Team will consist of all our Healthcare Givers, EMTs, Police Officers and Firefighters, and all the First Responders who never stop searching for what it takes to live a life of service, especially in these times of uncertainty with the Covid-19 Pandemic.   
We also thank all those in service, whether in the military, government, retail, agriculture, education, manufacturing, distribution, all who have added humanity during crisises…   

Please help the to continue this great event by making a donation to the Mum Festival.  Without your contributions, we would not be able to continue many of the programs the Mum Festival offers each year.  We need your help now more than ever!


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Sunny-001  Weather Forecast for Bristol CT


  • Saturday, Sept 26 from 12 pm to 5 pm  MUM FESTIVAL DAY!
    Farmers Market, Food Vendors, Car Show and Music
  • Rain Date:  Sunday, September 27
  • This event day is Contingent on Covid Protocols at the time.

    Other Events Potentially Planned:

  • “Drive In Movie Night” for Saturday, September 20th, and will have more on this event.  A perfect event for Social Distancing!
  • Summer Auto Photo Contest:  To be announced in May!
  • Baby Photo Contest:  To be announced in July!
  • Online Art Auction
  • Please note that the events listed may change depending on the state protocols at the time!

    The Summer Auto Photo Contest and Summer Baby Photo Contest have been confirmed, as they will be done online.

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Due to the pandemic and protocols, we are moving to Hope Street.  More information to follow.

Historical Information  (Do to the Covid Pandemic the Traditional event has been postponed until next year)

The Mum Festival has been an epic fall festival in Bristol’s history. Once known as the Mum City, Bristol was famous for this colorful flower, and through the years proud Fall festivities were put on by residents for all in the region to enjoy!

The Festival was refreshed in 2016 and reloaded as the Bristol Exchange Club and several talented people stepped forward to direct one of the best Fall festival ever!   We welcome you and friends and family to have a memorable time along with thousands of Mum Festival goers, and encourage you to experience the the many layers of festival offerings during the “Mum Season of Events” and a special 4-day action packed weekend for all ages!

What: Over the course of the weekend the Mum Fest features a carnival, dozens of vendors from area businesses, crafters, local producers, restaurants, food trucks, community organizations, non profits, and museums, in addition to games, children’s programming, adult beverages, all-day live music and entertainment, a car and bike show and so much more!

When: Get ready for the “Mum Season of Events”, and 4 days of premier entertainment and festival activities starting on Thursday,  and continuing through Sunday, September where the historic Mum Parade takes place between 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm delighting audiences as one of the many festival highlights!

Where & Parking:

Parking Lot across from City Hall


Join In!: We are offering you the unique chance to support a wonderful festival in Bristol and for our Connecticut communities to gather, create memories, and contribute to Bristol’s positive efforts to become a destination. This exciting event reinforces the City efforts to promote downtown as a destination, and we hope that it will encourage everyone to join in and help our region rise to new heights! We hope you can come and enjoy this amazing festival in the heart of our state for all to converge!

There’s just one last thing we’d like to say, “Mum’s the Word… See You In September!!”


 2020 Mum Parade Postponed to 2021


The Chrysanthemum (Mum) Parade was started 59 years ago. It is one of the State’s largest parades, featuring Bristol and surrounding area businesses, organizations, marching bands and units, and over 40 wonderful floats. The parade has been produced by the Greater Bristol Exchange Club for over 50 years. The Parade sponsor is the City of Bristol. Come join the fun and excitement!  

For more information, please email BristolMumParade@gmail.com.


Click Link above in Blue, or go to the Mum Parade Link on the right to complete and submit an application.

Historical Link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Mum_Festival
Amusement Rides & Midway by:  Marenna Amusements

The Mum Festival has been a part of Bristol History for almost 60 years.  Thanks to the support of the Bristol Exchange Club, Our Mayor – Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, City Council and several city departments, the Mum Festival will continue its fine tradition!  We especially want to thank our generous Sponsors and all our supporters!   Come join the fun on the Historic Memorial Boulevard & MBS Field.  Keep an eye on this page for further updates.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact one of the Festival Chairs or email us.  Our committee meets the third Wednesday of the month, at 6:30pm.

Mum Festival Committee:

Festival Committee Chair(s):

Festival General Chairman – Logistics & Planning:    Jack Ferraro
Festival Vice Chairman – Finance & Procurement:    Jason Fields

  • Andy Adams  – Vendor Relations Chair
  • Donna Dognin – Mum-A-Thon Chair
  • Sue Berard – Finance Chair – Treasurer
  • Mickey Goldwasser – Marketing & Advertisement Co-Chair
  • David Nadeau – Public Safety & Facilities Chair
  • Joyce Ptak – Arts & Artist Chair
  • Maria Salice – Bands & Entertainment Chair
  • Dianna Tack – Parade/Command/Volunteers Chair
  • Karl Tack & Blaise Tramazzo – Family Events Chairs
  • Shannen Tack – Marketing & Planning Co-Chair
  • Maria Tramazzo – Fundraising Chair

Festival Emails:

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The Mum Festival is under the auspices of the Exchange Club of Bristol, Connecticut, Inc., and its main Benefactor is the City of Bristol Connecticut, Inc.