Virtual Art Auction

2020 Mum Festival Committee Announces Virtual Art Auction


Bristol, CT.,  September 28, 2020 – The Bristol Exchange Club and the Mum Festival Committee, has announced its first ever Virtual Art Auction which will feature distinct and unusual artwork that is being offered by local artists from Bristol and surrounding areas.

The virtual art auction started on the evening of Sunday September 27th and will end on Sunday, October 18th.  This event is another effort to keep the Bristol’s fall marquee community-focused annual event for almost 60 years going in the years to come as well as highlight a group of participating artists.

“We are pleased to offer this virtual art event as a way for the Bristol and surrounding communities to continue to support the Mum Festival”, said Joyce Ptak, Mum Festival Art Committee Chair. “We are all disappointed that we were not able to hold our Traditional Mum Festival this year and we are thinking outside of the box to bring you this art inspired event – a three-week virtual art auction. Our goal this year is to support local artists as well as to begin to build awareness for our Mum Festival program for 2021 which we expect to bring back in its full glory.”

The auction will feature local artists who have donated works for the event and will have other pieces available as well. The event will not only showcase their works but will serve to assist the artists with building awareness in the community. The website will feature twenty artist works at a time and will be updated throughout the entire three-week period.

The types of art include a variety of original and distinct pieces such as handcrafted pottery, paintings and drawings using acrylics, watercolors, alcohol ink on yupo paper and printed photographs on canvas.

To view the art, participate and support the virtual auction please visit the following link:

While the Traditional Mum Festival, which includes the carnival and parade, has been postponed this year, for continuity sake, the Mum Festival Committee is still looking into ways to have a much smaller presence this year, such as participating in the Bristol Farmer’s Market and in other ways such as this art auction.

“We hope you enjoy and support this online auction and find some beautiful treasures to put in your homes”, continued Ptak. “And, to the community that has always supported Mum Festival, thank you for supporting our artist community and the Mum Festival tradition”.


For more information on Mum Festival please visit:


The Mum Festival & Parade is Produced by the Exchange Club of Bristol CT INC., a Non-Profit 501-(c)3

The Mum Festival & Parade is a City of Bristol Sponsored Event

Sponsorship & General Inquiries

Jack Ferraro and Jason Fields

Festival General Chairman and Co-Chairs



Communication Inquiries

Shannen Tack

Mickey Goldwasser

Marketing & Planning Co-Chairs



Virtual Art Auction Inquires

Joyce Ptak

Mum Festival Art Committee Chair






2020 Mum Festival Them Announced

Our Mum Festival Theme for 2020: 

“Mum On The Move”


As most of you know due to the construction on Memorial Boulevard over the next few years, the Mum Festival will be moving to the Downtown area.  The prints below, are a preliminary view of our plans for 2020 and beyond.

These are challenging times for our Country and our Community… We pray for everyone to be safe and healthy, and hope the crisis passes soon, so we can all get on with our daily life…   Inner Peace and Prayers everyone!

Plan D-1-A 3.14.1-001

2020 Mum Festival Parade Route:

2020 Parade Route - Plan D

2020 Festival Marshal Announced

Our Festival Grand Marshal for 2020: 

Profiles of Courage

We are humbled to announce that we will be honoring “Profiles of Courage” this year.
Our Grand Marshal Team,  will consist of all our Healthcare Givers, EMTs, Police Officers and Firefighters, and all the First Responders who never stop searching for what it takes to live a life of service, especially in these times of uncertainty with the Covid-19 Pandemic.   
We also thank all those in service, whether in the military, government, retail, agriculture, education, manufacturing, distribution, all who have added humanity during crisises…   

We are also looking for an organization that would be willing to construct a float to carry a representation of our First Responders in the Mum Festival Parade, on September 27, 2020.  Please contact us at

2020 Mum Festival Meeting Schedule

Facebook Festival Plate.4

Mum Festival Planning Meetings: Chairs and Co-Chairs Only

  • March 16, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2
  • May 18, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2
  • July 20, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2
  • September 14, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2

Mum Festival Full Membership Meetings: Looking for Volunteers!

  • April 20, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2
  • June 15, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2
  • August 17, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2
  • September 21, 2020, Bristol Public Library, 6:30 PM, Meeting Room #2

Donations Needed for Historic Mum Festival


We hope you can join this effort to put on this amazing festival in the heart of our state for all to converge, and we thank you for your time and support in advance. There’s just one last thing we’d like to say, “Mum’s the Word…!”


All sponsorships are tax deductible via 501(c) 3 non profit event partner The Exchange Club of Bristol CT, Inc. The Bristol Mum Festival is made possible by The Bristol Exchange Club, The City Of Bristol and our Sponsors.  The Exchange Club of Bristol CT, Inc., is a tax exempt organization under the 501(c)(3) IRS Code.

Become a full Sponsor by completing our online application:  2019 Sponsor Application

Mum Festival Parade Route


Please note, due to construction projects for the next two years on Memorial Boulevard, the Mum Festival and Parade Route will be changed.  Please see the new Parade Route in the print below.  The route has been shortened by approximately one mile, by avoiding the Memorial Boulevard.   

The Parade will officially end on North Main Street just past City Hall.  Our Grand Reviewing Stand location will be on Main Street adjacent to the Barnes Group.  Spectators should avoid North Main Street past City Hall, as that is the official end of the performing route.  All units will disperse as they travel onto North Main Street.   

2020 Parade Route - Plan D

The Parade will end on North Main Street, just past City Hall.  For spectators, the parade will not continue down North Main as it did in the past.  

Any question, please contact our Mum Festival Parade Chairperson, Dianna Tack

Mum Festival and Parade Video!

A special Thank You to Steven L. Seymour, one of our Mum Festival Sponsors, for another outstanding videos!  It truly captures the essence of Mum Festival Weekend!

The Mum Parade video has also been added.
Many thanks to Nutmeg TV!!

Hope everyone enjoys the wonderful video of the 2019 Mum Festival!



2019 Mum Festival Parade



Mum Festival History

History of the Mum Festival

The attached file contains the entire history of the Mum Festival, and the wonderful volunteers that have given their time, talents and treasures to this historic event.  As you browse through the many pages, starting in 1962, you will note many pillars of the Bristol Community.   The files are an accurate record from 1962 – 2014…  We Thank Mum Festival Historian Casimir Podlaski for his time assembling this historic information.  

Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane…  Mum Festival – 1962-2014

Past Festival Marshals included celebrities like Martin Milner,  Kent McCord,  TV Personalities of the “Adam-12” Show; Art Fleming,  TV Personality of  the TV Show “Jeopardy”; Bob Clayton, TV Personality – Channel 30, “Concentration”; Marlo Thomas, TV Personality from the  “That Girl” Show;  Bob Crane, TV Personality from the “Hogan’s Heroes” Show; Gary Burghoff, TV Personality from the “MASH” Show, and several others.  

Official Mum Festival Video!

Thank you Steven Seymour for another awesome video of the Mum Festival! Thank you everyone who came out to support Bristol’s Marquee Event!

Bristol Mum Fest 2018 from Seymour Media on Vimeo.

Our last event for the “Mum Season”, will be held on October 21, at Saint Paul Catholic High School. The 49th Bristol Mumathon Road Race! Fun for the whole family, so run on down on October 21!  

Bristol Mum-A-Thon Road Race:  Click on Picture for more information!

Mumathon Logo_Mummy_Stacked-001