2019 Mum Parade Theme Announced

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This year’s Mum Parade Theme has been selected for 2019:

“Growing Together”

The Theme was narrowed down from approximately twelve great entries, and then the top three voted on, 1. “Growing Together, 2. “A Community In Motion”, 3. “We Hope, We Dream, We Grow”. We thank the Mum Festival Marketing Committee for developing some great ideas to select from! There will be a press release soon.

Check out our Web Site for more great announcements at BristolMumFestival.com

Thank You!!

Mum Festival History

History of the Mum Festival

The attached file contains the entire history of the Mum Festival, and the wonderful volunteers that have given their time, talents and treasures to this historic event.  As you browse through the many pages, starting in 1962, you will note many pillars of the Bristol Community.   The files are an accurate record from 1962 – 2014…  We Thank Mum Festival Historian Casimir Podlaski for his time assembling this historic information.  

Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane…  Mum Festival – 1962-2014

Past Festival Marshals included celebrities like Martin Milner,  Kent McCord,  TV Personalities of the “Adam-12” Show; Art Fleming,  TV Personality of  the TV Show “Jeopardy”; Bob Clayton, TV Personality – Channel 30, “Concentration”; Marlo Thomas, TV Personality from the  “That Girl” Show;  Bob Crane, TV Personality from the “Hogan’s Heroes” Show; Gary Burghoff, TV Personality from the “MASH” Show, and several others.