2021 Mum Festival Theme Announced

Our Mum Festival Theme for 2021: 

“Honoring Heroes”

Profiles of Courage

As most of you know due to the construction on Memorial Boulevard over the next few years, the Mum Festival will be moving to the Downtown area.  The prints below, are a preliminary view of our plans for 2021 and beyond.  Due to Covid Protocols the 2021 Mum Festival will only be one weekend, starting September 24th – 26th.  Unfortunately we will not be able to have the Carnival back until 2022 due to the current protocols.

These are challenging times for our Country and our Community… We pray for everyone to be safe and healthy, and hope the crisis passes soon, so we can all get on with our daily life…   Inner Peace and Prayers everyone!

Plan A - 2021-001

2021 Mum Festival Parade Route:

The 2021 Parade is waiting approval due to Covid Protocols.  As we learn more, we will update everyone.2020 Parade Route - Plan D

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