Mum Festival Parade Route


Start at Race Street

  1. Left onto West Street
  2. Left onto School Street
  3. Right onto Church Street
  4. Left onto South Street
  5. Left onto East Street
  6. Left onto Memorial Boulevard (West Bound)
  7. Right onto Main Street (Parade Ends on Main Street)

Left onto Riverside Avenue Extension Right onto North Main Street

NOTE:  Parade Participants (Those in the parade), Continue on Main Street, take a Left onto Riverside Avenue Extension, and a Right onto North Main Street.  There will be Mum Festival Officials that will assist you on exit of parade route.  Third and Fourth Divisions can Break down on either side of Riverside Avenue, or go onto North Main Street.  First and Second Divisions can break down on either side of North Main Street.   
The Parade will officially end on Main Street to Riverside Avenue Extension to North Main Street.  Spectators should avoid these streets as they are the end of the performing route.  All units will disperse as they travel onto Riverside Avenue Extension and North Main Street.   


The Parade will end between Riverside Avenue Extension and the beginning of North Main Street.  For spectators, the parade will not continue down North Main as it did in the past.  

East Street View:


South Street to East Street to the West Bound Side of Memorial Boulevard. 

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