Miss Mum To Be Held On September 13th!

The 2019 Miss Mum will be held on Friday, September 13th.  Please Save the Date!  Applications being accepted!

Visit the “Official” Miss Mum Page at:  http://missmumbristol.org/

Photographs of the “2018” Miss Mums:



Our New Miss Mums for 2018-2019! Congratulations!! 

Essay Winner:
Sofia Circosta

Miss Hospitality:
Gianna Lacapra

People’s Choice:
Angela Ragaini

Mini 1st Runner Up:
Tesla McCool

Mini Miss Mum 2018:
Gianna Cassin

Petite Miss Mum 2018:
Leah Aparo

Junior 2nd Runner Up:
Sage Cibula

Junior 1st Runner Up:
Allison Aparo

Junior Miss Mum 2018:
Carson Gagne

1st Runner Up Miss Mum:
Jenna Siemiatkoski

Miss Mum 2018:
Kayla Paulette

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